Sunday, June 3, 2012

I did say that I was going to try to write about everything I came across correct? Well here is this beauty. I am not sure if this was a buy that I intended to give me mother at some point and never did or if I got this from her estate after her passing. In any regard here it is. I was reading the back of it and on credit says George Clinton sang backup on one song. I googled to see if it was George Clinton from Parliament Funkadelic but I couldn't find anything which means one of two things. Either George Clinton from Parliament Funkadelic sang backup and his multi colored hair was in the same room as the coif pictured,making a picture of awesome that I hardly comprehend OR there is another musician running around with the name George Clinton, trying to make it in the music business and dissapointing people when he shows up and its not P funk. Either one of these scenarios entertains me. The interesting facts keep coming from this album. Bob Kulick played guitar on this album who is older brother of Bruce Kulick. Bob and Bruce Kulick worked alot with Kiss. Neat. My wife just came in and started singing "Fool's Game" so this album just keeps bringing the fun. I saw Michael Bolton once and it made me fear for my life. Keep in mind I have seen what was supposed to be a wutang clan and rage against the machine show. Wu tang cancelled and instead of getting refunds most of the wutang fans just lurked around being pissed that wutang cancelled. I did not fear for my life at this show. I feared for my life at the Michael Bolton concert. Your life is not in danger until its only you in the way of women being able to claw at Michael Bolton. Michael Bolton did alot for my mom emotionally though, so I am glad this record is around still.

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